PR & Sponsorships

Found Love,Now What?  welcomes the opportunity to assist your organization, blog or company with PR, sponsorships and product review. I am happy to test and review products and services that are relevant to me and my readers.  Specifically within categories of travel, wedding planning, United Kingdom, events within the state of Washington and more!  This is a great opportunity for companies, websites, services, blogs and more. Sample reviews can be viewed here.
I am flexible in form of compensation:
  • Product to test and review
  • Create a give away contest to readers
  • Ticket(s) to a related event (wedding show, etc.)
  • Payment directly made to my PayPal account.
Fees are based on type of product review, placement and if an ad logo is included as well.  After agreement of the type of sponsorship/PR, there will be a 72 hour turn around to get review placed on blog.  Note: Turn around can be faster if event is time sensitive. A expedited review may incur an additional charge.
Statistics & Audience:
  • Blog launched June 2009, with over 228 posts and 243 comments
  • On average 640 page views per week
  • On average 2,189 views per month (as of Jan 1st)
  • As of July 20, 2011: 20,677 views of all time to blog
  • Blog cross listed on StumbleUpon, BlogLovin’, ExpatWomen Blog Directory, Expat-Blog Directory
For more information please send me an email at

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